Affordable Therapy Options

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If you are looking for affordable counseling, Alamo Ranch Counseling and Wellness can help with our counselors-in-training. Student counselors are available to provide counseling services at a fraction of the cost of traditional therapists and are highly supervised.

These students are in the last phase of their Master’s program, have completed their core coursework, and are eager to help you work through your concerns. Our counseling students meet with their supervisors weekly to discuss effective ways to help their clients. Affordable therapy with student counselors is a great way to obtain help while paying significantly less for services.

Affordable therapy is necessary for those who need counseling services but are unsure how to afford it. Alamo Ranch Counseling and Wellness provides affordable therapy with supervised graduate student interns eager to help the community.

Affordable Rate Pricing

  • Individual Session: $50
  • Couple/Family Session: $55

If you cannot afford these rates, please reach out to us to understand your unique situation.

Please note: You will not be able to seek insurance reimbursement while working with a student counselor.

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