Couples Therapy

You Deserve Connection! You Deserve Love! You Deserve a Secure Relationship!

The most painful and confusing relationships are often with the people we love the most. Why is that?

As humans, we are born with the need and deep desire to attach to people because our survival depends on it. This need doesn’t change as we get older, but after many disappointing relational experiences, we often find ways to avoid or sabotage this very need.

At Alamo Ranch Counseling & Wellness, one of our specialties is helping couples like you break free from patterns of disconnection and conflict. We use evidence-based couples therapy interventions to help you achieve the best outcomes for your relationship goals! 

Our Couple Therapists have advanced training in the Gottman Method, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, or Both! 

We don’t want you to feel alone in your relationship; we want you to thrive together!

Signs It’s Time to Consider Couples Counseling:

– Frequent and intense arguments

– Lack of effective communication

– Emotional withdrawal by one or both partners

– Trust issues

– Stress from a major life transition

– Growing apart

– One partner considering or had an affair

– Unresolved past issues

– Financial conflicts

– Parenting challenges

– One or both partners considering separation or divorce

– Desire for a healthier relationship

– Lack of intimacy or sexual connection

– Feelings of emotional disconnection

– Differences in parenting styles

– Financial stress causing relationship strain

– One or both partners feeling unappreciated or unsupported

– Stuck in a cycle of constant arguing, bickering, or fighting and wanting out of the cycle

– Seeking to repair your relationship after an affair

Signs You Are Not Ready for Couples Counseling

  • The presence of ongoing domestic violence
  • Current substance abuse without a treatment or recovery plan
  • An ongoing affair with no intention of ending it
  • One partner has definitive plans to end the marriage

Benefits of Couples Counseling:

  • Enhanced Communication Skills: Learn to express thoughts and feelings openly and effectively.
  • Conflict Resolution: Develop strategies to manage and resolve disagreements constructively.
  • Strengthened Emotional Connection: Rebuild and deepen the emotional bond between partners.
  • Improved Intimacy: Address and enhance physical and emotional intimacy.
  • Repaired Trust: Work through trust issues and rebuild a foundation of trust.
  • Better Understanding of Each Other: Gain insights into each other’s needs, desires, and perspectives.
  • Stress Management: Learn to navigate and reduce relationship stressors.
  • Support During Transitions: Receive guidance through major life changes like relocation, parenthood, or job loss.
  • Clarified Relationship Goals: Define and align relationship goals and expectations.
  • Preventative Care: Address potential issues before they escalate into major problems.
  • Support for Parenting: Improve co-parenting dynamics and resolve parenting conflicts.
  • Financial Harmony: Navigate and resolve financial conflicts and stress.
  • Reconnection and Growth: Rediscover shared interests and values to reignite the relationship.
  • Affair Recovery: Work through the aftermath of infidelity and rebuild the relationship.


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